Episode 006 Notes

Web Components... and more!

Steph Notes#

This episode is strongly Claire's show, so my only offering is my web component generator that I created with Eleventy. And I would love for you to try it out and improve it! Cheers 😊

Claire Notes#

Web Components are awesome. We've been preaching components for years and now we've got them! Now that IE 11 is officially on its death bed it's only a matter of time until you can make the case to stop supporting it. Anyway, I mentioned a few websites / things during the podcast, such as:

I didn't mention this, but meant to - Microsoft has its own LitElement clone, FASTElement, that also combines a design system. I'll admit - I don't like this as much as LitElement. It uses derived functions for its lifecycle hooks - take this example and scroll to the code snippet that has greetingChanged() in it. These seem easy to use, but it increases the learning curve since greetingChanged() isn't inherent to FASTElement, but rather something FASTElement arbitrarily understands at runtime. I can delve more into this in another episode sometime.

There are several ways to link your web components together. You can use familiar concepts like Redux (which although known for usage with React is actually agnostic!), routers, etc. They're all searchable on Webcomponents.org.

I'd love to hear what you thought of my Web Components evangalism - let me know at @tackjhompson on Twitter, or you can also mention the show at @wordwrapshow.